About Kocher-Beck

Kocher+Beck is known worldwide when it comes to quality and innovation in printing technology.

The printing industry has relied on Kocher+Beck’s quality products for decades. As a globally recognized market leader in the field of rotary-die cutting technology, Kocher+Beck is also the preferred systems supplier in other areas related to the production of high-quality printed products. Reliable printing cylinders, high-precision hot stamping cylinders, sophisticated pressure-measurement systems and butt splicers are just a few of Kocher+Beck’s first class product range in printing technology.

Kocher+Beck has made a worldwide name for itself with high-quality magnetic dies in various designs, matching magnetic cylinders and complete cutting stations for offline cutting. With this first-rate expertise in the field of rotary cutting technology, it was no surprise that Kocher+Beck’s label-cutting solutions also made big waves in the world of envelope manufacturing technology.

Over the years, Kocher+Beck has also developed a comprehensive IOC system for Inline offset cutting that considerably simplifies the use of flexible dies and guarantees optimum cutting results. This began with Kocher+Beck’s idea to replace the rubber blanket or varnish plate with a flexible die. Working closely with experienced printing companies, Kocher+Beck developed a production-ready IOC tool with functional preattached clamping bars for sheet-fed printing.

Produced at the main plant in Pliezhausen, the TecScreen screen printing plates are another of the company’s mainstays and are available for all common machine types on the market.

Our latest high-end development from our R&D department is the intelligent butt splicer.

The company’s innovative strength is evident both in the large number of patents awarded and in the recent development of a butt splicer, the UR Precision. With its technical finesse, this non-stop unwind system guarantees absolute reliability, process stability and savings in terms of time and materials in the case of manual changing and the avoidance of wasted material during start-up in non-stop mode. It also features intelligent and intuitive controls and efficient energy recovery.

You can only achieve quality products with quality manufacturing – the same applies in the world of printing

Since Kocher+Beck has established itself as a reference supplier in the printing sector, many printing-machine manufacturers fit their machines with a Kocher+Beck print cylinder at the initial installation. Production with high-precision CNC machines delivers printing cylinders that are second to none, on a worldwide basis, in terms of their radial and axial run-out properties. This means that printers have not only a tool that is guaranteed to deliver the utmost precision but also the optimum basis for outstanding printing results.

Kocher+Beck also sets standards for hot stamping cylinders

Special printing cylinders from Kocher+Beck are also the first choice when it comes to hot stamping. Modern picture and text editing systems, in combination with excellent craftsmanship, allow even the most intricate images to be transferred to the hot stamping cylinder. Fine text and images are milled onto the cylinder in maximum depth. The cylinder is finished by means of an additional polishing process, which is unique on the market. This delivers brilliant stamping results that can only be achieved with Kocher+Beck’s hot stamping cylinders.

Kocher+Beck’s innovation in pressure measuring technology once again makes our pressure measurement systems top of their class

Our pressure measurement systems KMS deliver high-precision recording of tool pre-tension and/or the cutting pressure for rotary tools. Thanks to their precision and adjustment accuracy, these pressure-measurement systems form the basis for increased productivity: they increase the service life of the tools used and ensure consistent high quality in our customer’s products.

High-end is our standard – but we go further

Kocher+Beck not only provides the leading benchmark in the printing sector with standard solutions, but also develops custom solutions according to individual requirements. Highly qualified personnel at the company’s five locations across the globe apply their experience and creativity to assist customers in making their production processes more effective and competitive.

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